Ocean & Earth Longboard Knee Leash
An all round performance leash for longboarders. Attaches below the knee (rather than the ankle) to minimise tangles as you walk the board. Available in 9ft (2.8 meters) ideal for waves up to about 4ft or 10ft (3 meters), better for larger waves. About Ocean Earth Leashes All O+E Leashes are made to the very highest standard. As Australias best selling brand they get tested in a huge range of conditions from mellow beachies to heaving reef barrels. The features on each leash are subtly different and each cord is made for a different board and slightly different conditions. We've tried to put as much information here as we think you'll need but any questions please give us a shout. Detachable Velcro Board Fixing Probably the neatest feature with the O+E system is you don't need to tie the leash, just push the loop through the leash plug and it velcros back in - totally bomb proof and cool if you've got a comp leash for the smaller days - of change boards alot. Note on Colours We stock a variety of colours (black, blue and some white on most leashes) and usually just ship what's to hand. If you do have a preference please note it with your order or if you require a specific colour please give us a shout.


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