Here we'll outline the basics of surfing for people wishing to start.

Learning to surf can takes a long time and just as you would take skiing lessons to learn to ski, lessons with a decent BSA surf instructor will improve your surf/safety knowledge a great deal. In our opinion you do not need to make a career out of visiting surf schools or taking long surfing "courses" however we consider an introductory lesson money well spent to learn the basics.


We know that using qualified instructors mean you learn faster than if you just enter the water yourself and try to learn alone. The instructor also teaches you about the ocean as it can be a dangerous place to play. He also explains clearly a lot of basic but important rules that all surfers abide by.


Some Basic Rules learning surfers should know before they enter the water:

  • Don't surf alone.
  • Don't surf immediately after eating or drinking alcohol.
  • Don't throw your board away when paddling through waves, there may be somebody behind you.
  • Don't try to catch the same wave while somebody else is paddling or riding nearer to the breaking part of the wave (the peak or the curl).
  • Always wear a leash to stop your board hitting somebody.
  • Don't surf near or in front of rocks.
  • Don't surf near sewerage outfalls or where the water is very polluted.
  • Always use sun lotion or sun block when surfing on sunny days.
  • If you get caught in a strong rip current while surfing paddle across the current towards where the waves are breaking.
  • Never leave your board and never paddle against the current.

PJ's can accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries or fatalities which may arise as a result of using the advice given and strongly recommends attending surf training.