PJ's Surf Shop has a complete range of rental equipment

Summer or Winter we supply the Wetsuit to keep out the cold.

£11 a day

Boots / Gloves / Hoods
£4 per item
£6 two items
£8 three items

We have excellent surfboards for all, from around 7’6 ft through
mini-mals to longboards.
Hard Surfboards £14 a day
Advanced Surfboards
£20 a day
Soft Boards
£11 a day

Bodyboards and Fins
Boogie Boards (Bodyboards) £6 a day
Fins £4 a day

We have lots of kit in the shop but on busy days it's first come first served only - If in doubt ring for advice!

Please note:
Rental Day = 9.00am to 5.00pm (all equipment must be returned by 5.00pm)
No refunds given on Hire Equipment.
Any loss or damage has to be paid for.

Hiring any form of equipment will require a form of ID. We will accept either : a driving licience, a passport or a bank card.

Surfing Lessons
Surfing lessons are held regularly on Llangennith beach.
Call for information or contact Mike Steadman (01792) 386426 (a qualified WSF and BSA Surf Instructor) in Llangennith.